Three-fourths of homeowners planning a kitchen remodel want granite.

CLEVELAND, OH– A new survey of American homeowners shows they overwhelmingly recognize the value, beauty, durability and safety of granite countertops.   

The survey of 1,588 homeowners, conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Marble Institute of America (MIA) found that 75% of homeowners who intend to remodel their kitchens in the next two years indicated they want granite countertops and 76% of  homeowners agreed with the statement “nothing beats the beauty and value of granite countertops.”

“The survey shows what our customers tell us: no matter what the economy looks like, homeowners recognize that granite countertops enhance the value of their homes,” said MIA member, G.K. Naquin of Stone Interiors in Loxley, AL, whose company sells granite and other countertops. “Consumers who are remodeling their kitchen remodel  see granite countertops as a safe investment in their homes. They prefer this natural stone to other materials because they understand it pays for itself in terms of higher resale value.”




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