Kitchen, bath remodeling takes on modern sheen

Kitchen and bath design is hotter than ever. Just ask Niki Serras, owner of Scavolini by Cucina Moda in Birmingham, the exclusive retailers in Michigan of Scavolini Italian brand cabinetry.

Considered trendsetters in the kitchen and bath industry, Scavolini is also known for quality workmanship and setting the bar for combining high style with function.

“The Italians are chefs; you are meant to use your Scavolini kitchen,” Serras says.

Many of her clients are moving from a more traditional home to an urban setting where they want something new and exciting. Soft-close hinging, highly efficient storage and a customized look and feel are in demand for both kitchen and bath.

Homeowners tend to tackle these remodel projects simultaneously. Serras says doing so means half the work with twice the reward; going through the process of research, design, order and construction concurrently saves time and money.

Most often, people will remodel a kitchen, a master bath and a powder room all at once. In many cases, Serras says these rooms are equally dated, so this approach makes sense kitchen remodel .

Today’s kitchen and bathroom storage looks more like furniture, blending form and function more seamlessly than ever before. The open-floor-plan concept forces homeowners to pay attention to these former utilitarian spaces.

“The formal living room is giving way to the well-styled family room that’s connected to an equally stylish kitchen and dining room,” Serras says. “Cabinetry is often used to connect these rooms esthetically and to provide storage and function.”


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