BeachHouse set to undergo major renovations.


BRADENTON BEACH — Ed Chiles is beautifying his restaurant empire.

While Chiles is renovating his restaurants he is also recreating his menus to bring tastier items to the locals. His mission is to raise his profile from a popular tourist destination to a place that will frequently attract locals for the food, the atmosphere and the great views.

To that end, Chiles will break ground on a major renovation of his BeachHouse Restaurant, built in 1993. The first phase of the renovation includes a new, state-of-the-art kitchen remodel, new bathrooms, and a  renovation to the dining room’s interior. The renovation will begin Sept. 16 and continue through the middle of January, said Caryn Hodge, marketing director for the Chiles Restaurant Group.


Chicago Bathroom remodeling & Kitchen remodel.

Bathrooms can quickly become outdated because of the newer and more luxurious showers and bathtubs that are constantly being improved. Bathroom remodeling can update the bathroom and make your experience in the bathroom more enjoyable. Because bathrooms are typically the smaller rooms in the home the updates that are involved in a bathroom remodel typically involve replacing the older appliances and flooring with newer and improved versions. One of the new ways to update your bathroom is with heated tile flooring. Instead of those old bathroom tiles they can be replaced with bathroom tiles that are heated so your feet will never again walk upon a chilly bathroom floor. Another aspect that can improve your bathroom in a remodel is to replace your old shower with a body shower system. Instead of one overhead shower these newer showers have several body jets on the shower walls that hit many areas of the body. This aspect of remodeling creates a more enjoyable bathroom without sacrificing space.




Bathroom Remodeling .

Renewing your bathroom can involve a complete remodel or minimal but effective changes such as replacing bathroom fixtures or cabinets.

If you are decided for a bathroom remodel, it is important that you look at different ideas and our creative team can work with you to adapt and consolidate the design.

Our extensive experience in designing and building bathrooms keeps us informed about the latest trends and technology (radiant tile floors), and we are constantly learning about new ideas for creating beautiful and comfortable bathrooms.



Bathroom Remodel – San Rafael – Mill Valley – Marin.

As one of the most used rooms in a house, it is important that your bathroom is a space which you find to be both comfortable and functional. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, most likely you are unhappy with its current state. Remodeling it gives you the opportunity to make the necessary changes that will make your bathroom look better and be more efficient. When you remodel your bathroom you have the freedom to make any changes that you wish to improve everything from your bathroom’s layout to its décor. If in the mornings you find yourself fighting for time at the sink, through remodeling your bathroom you can add a second sink or extend the counter space. Adding additional storage space is also a common upgrade that can make your bathroom more organized and spacious.


Bathroom Remodeling in Bloomington IL.

Your bathroom should be able to provide you with comfort and relaxation as one of the private rooms of your home. When you need bathroom remodel in Bloomington IL, we keep in mind that you need to have your own private space that you can enjoy. Having good bathroom remodeling in Bloomington IL isn’t that difficult when you let Banks Remodeling help you. As part of our excellent services, we do bathroom remodeling in Bloomington IL that will make your new bathroom the envy of others.
Banks Remodeling can do your bathroom remodeling in Bloomington IL so that you can have more storage space for your health care products. Old designs including tiny, non-functional showers, old counter tops and brass faucets for handles, poor lighting, and out-dated fixtures are things of the past. When it comes to bathroom remodeling in Bloomington IL, we bring our modern take on the design, so that you can enjoy and relax in your new bathroom. Let us handle your bathroom remodeling in Bloomington IL today.



Eastern Market gets $1 million grant for community kitchen, renovations.

The Michigan Economic Development Corp. has made a $1 million grant to Eastern Market Corp. to support a new community kitchen remodel  of one of the sheds at the historic Detroit market.

The grant was made as part of the Michigan Community Revitalization Program, which provides grants, loans or other economic assistance of up to $10 million to projects that will revitalize regional urban areas, act as a catalyst for additional investment in a community, reuse brownfield and/or historic properties and promote mixed use and sustainable development.

The project builds on Detroit’s growing urban agriculture movement and will bring a new vitality to the Eastern Market district, Gov. Rick Snyder said in a release.

“This project will support entrepreneurship and small businesses, strengthen the community and create jobs in Detroit,” he said.

Eastern Market will use the funding to support renovations of Shed 5 in the market and add a new community kitchen in the shed to provide working space for new, local food entrepreneurs.

Eastern Market expects the project, when complete, to serve as a regional hub for local food production, processing, distribution and retailing. It will also offer space for culinary and nutritional education programs, plant and flower sales and public space for events.

The project is expected to generate a total capital investment of approximately $8.2 million and add 36 full-time equivalent jobs, the MEDC said in a release.

The city of Detroit is supporting the project with bond revenue valued at $1.5 million and a $330,000 community development block grant.



Critics blast governor over $100K kitchen renovation.

The $100,000  kitchen remodel of the governor’s mansion kitchen features granite counter tops and a built-in, single-serve coffee maker. Courtesy